Meet Gabbie from Australia.  Gabbie is from Australia and is currently working as an au pair in Iowa. She is one of our regular shop volunteers!

What draws you to volunteering with Feed Iowa First?

“I just enjoy it…It’s a culture thing. I hadn’t done a lot of volunteer work before. Coming to America and experiencing something and seeing an organization like this is…it’s really exciting. It’s a new learning experience. I’m always up for a new challenge, and I feel like this is something I really enjoy in terms of community and people.”




Feed Iowa First is an all-volunteer organization.   Our mission to combat food insecurity would not be possible without the generous support of the community.   While farming is essential work, it is also hard work.  Over 200 volunteers from all walks of life collectively invest thousands of hours of service to make our mission a success.  Whether you like to get your hands dirty or would prefer to leverage specialized skill sets, Feed Iowa First probably has a volunteer opportunity that is right for you.


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