A Note to the Feed Iowa First Community:

Our mission here at Feed Iowa First is more pertinent than ever. We are dedicated to planting as many seeds as possible this season to ensure those most vulnerable in the community will have access to fresh produce at a time when it is needed most.

 The love we have for each and everyone of one our dedicated volunteers is immeasurable. Health and well-being comes before anything else, and we are taking every measure necessary to protect those dedicating themselves to the cause.

The planting season is among us, and with your help we are enthusiastic about getting the plants into the ground.  We will be providing face masks to each and every volunteer that are theirs to keep, and which is reusable.  We ask that each volunteer brings this with them each time after.  Gloves will also be provided!

To ensure the safety of each and everyone of our dedicated volunteers, you will be asked to fill out a waiver before participating. We are optimistic about the season ahead and will work tirelessly to further our mission! 

If you’re interested in becoming involved, please join us for recurring shop hours on Tuesday’s from 4pm-6pm at 1506 10th Street SE 52401!




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