Farm Manager (Part-Time)

Job Title: Farm Manager

Under the direction of the Program Manager, the Farm Manager is responsible for planning and executing the production of vegetables for distribution to the food insecure in Linn County. The Farm Manager will work with 20+ growing partners, including urban farms and rural farmers. Feed Iowa First prepares the soil and provides growing materials and instruction to urban farm sites. Rural farms share their surplus produce. Maintaining and strengthening these relationships are vital to Feed Iowa First. The Farm Manager is responsible for developing a farm plan; procurement of seeds and growing materials; starting seeds and nurturing their growth; field management, providing leadership to urban farms using sustainable agricultural practices; adhering to the safe harvest of vegetables and their preparation for distribution; oversite of equipment and production facility; and implementing all safety standards. This is a part-time position that requires availability on weekdays and occasional nights and weekends. This is a part-time position.


Farm Management

  • Create and facilitate farm plans 
  • Conduct opening and field preparation for urban farms 
  • Oversee and guide Grow Don’t Mow (GDM) AmeriCorps members 
  • Adhere to production budget 
  • Procure seeds, growing materials and make recommendations on additional needs 
  • Manage seedling production 
  • Operate farm machinery 
  • Field and production management  
  • Maintain and strengthen growing partner relationships  
  • Provide leadership on sustainable agricultural practices to urban farm partners  
  • Develop a schedule and facilitate soil preparation, planting, harvest, and post-harvest activities 
  • Provide support to growing partners as needed 
  • Interact with and educate volunteers 
  • Provide leadership and adhere to GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) safety standards for field maintenance, harvest, storage and preparation of produce for distribution 
  • Assist with the distribution of harvested produce 
  • Conduct the closing and winterization of all fields 

Production Facility Management

  • Oversee the maintenance of production facility and equipment 
  • Ensure compliance with GAP procedures 
  • Ensure compliance with safe work habits and equipment use 
  • Maintain a clean, safe and welcoming space for volunteers 


Experience Required

  • Three or more year’s agricultural (farming/gardening) experience with focus on chemical-free vegetable production Willingness to learn to safely operate farm equipment 
  • Demonstrated project management skills; ability to work with efficiency and flexibility 
  • Excellent communicator to work effectively and cooperatively with a diverse group of people both internally and externally 
  • Ability to be adaptive and innovative to resolve challenges 
  • Integrity, positive attitude, and passionate for the mission of Feed Iowa First; Combating food insecurity by growing food and farmers 
  • Ability to lift and carry 50 lbs. and perform physically strenuous work in all weather conditions 
  • Must have a valid U.S. driver’s license 
  • Experience with Office Suites, internet and basic office tasks 

Pay and Benefits  

  • Pay starts at $19/hr with a potential increase for the experience. This is an hourly contract, and there are no associated benefits.  
  • Successful candidates will be subject to credential and criminal background checks.  

Email your resume and detailed cover letter describing your qualifications for this position and interest in Feed Iowa First to 


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