A flurry of activity has come over the shop since those last March flurries melted away. A once dry, dusty climate now is heavy with moisture and oxygen and glows with full spectrum light. Each lighted rack is jam-packed with little green babies emerging from neat soil blocks in beautifully crafted wooden trays. We could not tell you how many seeds have been planted, but right now we have roughly 8,000 seedlings growing in the shop or in our hoop houses, and they are beginning to fly out the door!

Every Tuesday from 4:00-7:00 p.m. we have the same best problem. We finish everything we need to do early because of volunteers like you!  Every week, it seems like before we know it the laundry list of the tasks is done and the shop is sparkling clean. We don’t even notice everyone has stopped working because we’re so wrapped up in conversation. “Many hands makes light work” is a cliche I find myself repeating over and over again, and when this work is good its effects ripple out. Thank you for each and every seed planted, bin washed, batch of soil mixed, seedling tray thinned, tiller fixed, hoop house constructed, and tasty bite shared. All of these small, seemingly mundane actions become fun when we do them together, building our capacity to grow more good food.

✌️💚🥦 – August Stolba, Farm Manager

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