We are happy to report that at this point in our 2019 growing season, Feed Iowa First has harvested 8,466 pounds of fresh, healthy produce! After May, June, and July, our total poundage of produce was around 2,750 pounds. In August we harvested a whopping 5,715 pounds, including 1,800 pounds in just one week! Our Grow Don’t Mow program is leading the charge with 5,312 total pounds harvested, including 1,247 pounds from Collins Aerospace and 1,162 from Faith Lutheran Church of Marion. From our Grow Some Rows program, Lilly Acres produced 793 pounds of onions. Our Don’t Waste Donate program has also made a hearty contribution, with Local Harvest CSA (Sundog Farm) and Matthew 25’s Cultivate Hope Urban Farm donating just over 1,000 pounds between them. Fingers crossed the weather holds out for a productive fall!

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